A review on COWSPIRACY

Cowspiracy is a documentary that focuses on animal agriculture and how it is the leading cause of rain forest destruction. Throughout the documentary we follow Kip Andersen as he talks to some of the biggest names in the agriculture world as well as environmental experts. Almost everyone who he interviews skips over the impact that animal agriculture has on rainforests.

We also see the ups and downs that Kip experiences while filming Cowspiracy. Kip was unsure if he wanted to continue with creating Cowspiracy after hearing about journalists and activists being “shut down” by large companies. But Kip realizes that this is a huge issue that deserves to be brought into the light.

One part of this documentary that really had an impact on me was when Kip broke down the numbers of how much water and food humans consume every day versus how much cows consume.

The human population drinks 5.2 billion gallons of water every day and eats 21 billion pounds of food, but just the worlds 1.5 billion cows drink 45 billion gallons and 135 billion pounds of food.

“This isn’t so much a human population issue, it’s a human eating animals population issue,” says Kip.

Kip and Michael Pollan discus that there is no way to continue to support the amount of meat Americans are eating every day and that in the future the world will likely be eating a lot less meat.

“A plant based diet is the most sustainable” –Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food

Another part of the documentary that resonated with me is when Kip explains that he’s always had a disconnected view of where his meat comes from and that he couldn’t make that mental connection until he experienced a duck being slaughtered.

I highly recommend that everyone watch this documentary because it raises a lot of questions that I think most people are afraid to think about. Cowspiracy showcases that eating animals isn’t only affecting the animals but also the world.




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