Overpopulation of cats in Winnipeg

The overpopulation of cats in Winnipeg has been an ongoing issue for years and is only continually getting worse. Cats are reliant on human beings to take care of them and without that form of protection they are left defenceless, especially in Winnipeg’s freezing winters.

The number of homeless cats in Winnipeg grows every year, leaving animal shelters overflowed with cats. It is estimated that the majority of cats in animal shelters aren’t adopted and are consequently euthanized.

The overpopulation of cats is not only bad for the animals, but also for the humans who live in the area where overpopulation is an issue. The cats can carry deadly diseases that can be fatal to humans.

What the Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) and other organizations are doing to try to fix this problem is to spay and neuter all cats that come into their care and to encourage owners to spay or neuter their cats.

The WHS Clinic performs over 5000 spay and neuter surgeries every year, but doesn’t even scratch the surface of the problem of overpopulation of cats in Winnipeg.

For more information on how you can help end the overpopulation of cats in Winnipeg, visit the Winnipeg Humane Society’s  website .




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