Cruelty-Free Brands !

Over 100 million animals are abused in US labs every year, this includes mice, rabbits, cats, dogs and birds. Because of this staggering statistic, chances are that some of your favourite brands are testing their products on animals.

It may seem that animal testing is inevitable and that there is no way to avoid it, but cruelty-free brands are becoming more and more common. A lot of people are reluctant to switch over to cruelty-free brands because they fear it will be too difficult to find these products and that they will be extremely expensive. But that is not necessarily true, there are a wide range of cruelty-free brands (that can be found locally) with varying price ranges.

So for anyone interested, I’ve created a list including a variety of cruelty-brands under the following categories: makeup, hair care, cleaning supplies and body care. Hopefully this will make your hunt a little easier!


Kat Von D Beauty
Anastasia Beverley Hills
Hourglass Cosmetics
Urban Decay Cosmetics
Too Faced Cosmetics
Marc Jacobs Beauty
Charlotte Tilburry
BECCA Cosmetics

Hair care:

Yes To Carrots
Kiss My Face
Carol’s Daughter
Desert Essence
Paul Mitchell
John Masters Organics
Natures’ Gate

Cleaning supplies:

Sun and Earth
Bio-Pac CleaningProducts
Sound Earth

Body care:

Nature’s Gate
Beauty Without Cruelty
Bare Bones Body Care
The Fanciful Fox
Hugo Naturals
Sibu Beauty


Sources: (picture)


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