When in Oahu

This year will be my family and my fourth time going Honolulu, Hawaii. Each time we go we try to do something different but there are definitely things that we find ourselves doing year after year because we’ve enjoyed them so much. So I thought I would compile a list of things I highly suggest you do if you ever find yourself on the beautiful island of Oahu.

1.Koko Crater:

Koko Crater is a fun yet challenging hike. To get to the top of Koko head, you will need to climb 1048 stairs/railroad tracks. This is definitely one of the cases where it is much easier to go down than it is to go up.



2. Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is an amazing place to snorkel. If you can go on a day that is not raining your chances of seeing turtles, eels, octopi, starfish and all kinds of fish will be much higher.



3. Dole Plantation

Dole Plantation is a historic pineapple plantation that now has many activities for you to enjoy while you are there (including a pineapple maze!!). Also you HAVE to try their pineapple ice-cream while you are there,  it is amazing.



4. Tropical Farms

Tropical Farms is a cute, little macadamia nut farm that started off as a street vendor and has now expanded into a store. My family and I stumbled upon this place as we were driving around the island and now we make a point to come back every time we are in Oahu.



5. Big Wave Dave Surf Co.

This is where my dad, sister, brother and I all took our first surfing lessons. These guys are super funny, friendly and good at teaching unexperienced Canadians (like my family and I) how to surf. Another awesome element is that they have a photographer come out in the water to take pictures throughout your whole lesson. You can pay extra at the end to get them all on a USB. Best souvenir that money can buy!


6. Turtle Canyon Snorkel

Turtle Canyon Snorkel takes you on a catamaran and drives you to Turtle Canyon where you can jump off of the boat and snorkel with beautiful turtles. It is amazing to see turtles up close in their natural habitat.



I’m sure I’m going to think of a billion other things I could’ve added to this list once I post this. But this is definitely a good start!


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