Fighting for the Story

Spotlight is an Academy Award-winning movie directed by Tom McCarthy that stars Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams. The movie is focused on a Journalist team that works at the Boston Globe. The team is called Spotlight. Spotlight comes across a story centered around priests in the Boston area molesting children. The movie follows the team as they investigate this story further. The movie ends with Spotlight delivering an amazing story that gets a huge response from not only the media but also the people in Boston. Even though Spotlight ended up having a successful story they still had their struggles while trying to pull the information together.

Here are some of the struggles that the team faced:

-A lot of the victims that were molested by priests did not want to talk to Spotlight or have their story shared.

-The lawyers that Spotlight tried to talk to would not give any information about the cases they’ve dealt with including the church.

-They team was told that the church would try and silence them.

-When Spotlight was digging around for information they weren’t allowed to get specific on why they were looking into this story.

-When the team is in the middle of investigating, 911 takes place so they have to drop the story for a bit (which leads to them having to cancel interviews with victims).

-One of their most helpful sources, Phil, was frustrated by how long they were postponing the story after 911 so he threatened to give his information to the Herald.

-Documents that were public were not at the courthouse like they were supposed to be because the church took them.

-Mark Ruffalo’s character wanted to send the story out right when they got the documents. But Michael Keaton’s character wanted them to wait because if they wrote the story wrong, there was a chance that the church could bury it.
Spotlight was able to push past all of these obstacles by being ruthless. They believed in this story so they fought for it.



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