Let her do her job. My opinion on the warrant for Amy Goodman’s arrest.

Earlier this week journalist Amy Goodman was charged for taking part in a “riot”, the charges were later dropped.

Goodman was filming at an oil pipeline in North Dakota where Native Americans where holding a protest. She was able to capture protestors as well as security guards spraying protesters with pepper spray. Shortly after the police issued a warrant for her arrest.

Goodman was not trespassing and was not taking part in the protest that she was filming at. She was being a Journalist. Just because she was able to capture the security guards in a less then flattering matter does not give them the right to arrest her.

Goodman was quoted on the situation and said, “I feel vindicated. Most importantly, Journalism is vindicated,” “we have a right to report.”

Goodman received emails from state attorney Ladd Erickson claiming that she was not acting as a journalist, but the original report that was filed identified her as a reporter. A little contradictive.

After hearing about Amy Goodman’s story I looked up the Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Journalists and nowhere did I see anything that would point Goodman to being in the wrong, in this situation.

Amy Goodman did not deserve to be charged after seemingly doing nothing wrong. Hopefully this will be a wakeup call that you cannot arrest a journalist for doing his or her job.





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