Check it out: Goins, Writer

As a CreComm student there is nothing that is more comforting then hearing that we’re not alone when it comes to writers block or lack of motivation to write. It also doesn’t hurt to be told that what we are going through is totally normal and that it’s all part of the process.

I recently came across a blog named Goins, Writer. It is run by Jeff Goins who is an author of the national best seller “The Art of Work.” His blog is filled with posts about personal struggles as a writer, lessons he’s learned and general tips on becoming a better writer.

One particular blog post that stuck out to me was “The Hidden Benefits to Writing Daily and Blogging Consistently.” (WOAH was that title written just for CreComm students?) This blog post shows the key points of his and Andy Traubs podcast where they covered this topic.

I thought I would attach some of the quotes that were highlighted by Jeff in this post.

“If you write infrequently, then your creativity will become inconsistent”

“Writing daily will make you a much better writer than writing a bunch of stuff all at once”

“The best type of writing practise is done in public”

I particularly like and relate to the second quote. I think people often disassociate writing with needing practise, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just like how a volleyball player needs practise to be good at volleyball, a writer needs practise to be good at writing.

I highly recommend that CreComm students check out Jeff’s blog, whether it’s for tips to improve their writing or if they just need something to relate to



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