Just like the Olden Days

Alaska awoke to static in her ears. She realized that it was her headphones. Alaska ripped them out of her ears. She grabbed her phone. But nothing was on it. It was like someone had erased everything. Her apps, music and pictures were gone. Thinking this must be a prank. Alaska ran to her little brother’s room. Without a knock, she burst in. He had a look of pure anger. Her brother screamed “What did you do”? Alaska’s response came quick. “I was going to ask the same”. Eventually they came to a conclusion. This must be their parents doing. They were prepared to fight for this. This is the 21 century after all. Everyone needs their social media. They didn’t know what they did. But they made a pact. They were going to deny any allegations. It was rare for them to work together. But serious times called for serious measures. Alaska and her brother ran downstairs. They began to slow at the bottom. Their parents weren’t around. “NO SIGNAL” flashed across the TV screen. Alaska’s brother spoke up “Mom? Dad?” There was no answer. Alaska ran to the landline. As expected, there was no dial tone. No internet, no cable, no phone service? This was not happening. What was she going to do? Alaska’s mini anxiety attack was interrupted. “This is what it was like huh”? “Like in the olden days”. Alaska began to laugh at her brother. “You’re right”. Alaska grabbed her brothers shoulder. She guided him outside. They sat in a sunny spot. Her brother sighed. “Just like the olden days”.



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